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Pennsic Treaty

Resolved that, historically the event known as the Pennsic War has been held in the Barony Marche of Debatable Lands, Principality of Æthelmearc, at Cooper's Lake Campground. Pennsic War has been and is an event held jointly by the East and the Middle Kingdoms. In the event that the Principality of Æthelmearc shall be elevated to Kingdom status, the following provisions shall apply by mutual unanimous agreement between the East, the Middle, and Æthelmearc which shall not be revocable by any one party without mutual unanimous consent by all parties:

1. Copies of the bids and the names of all prospective autocrats for the Pennsic War will be provided to the Æthelmearc Seneschal for review and comment. The Æthelmearc Seneschal will have two weeks from the receipt of the names and bids to provide comments to the hosting Kingdom Seneschal. No decision will be made on the Pennsic autocrat until the Æthelmearc Seneschal has had this opportunity to comment on all of the prospective applicants.

2. The hosting Kingdom Seneschal will inform the Æthelmearc Seneschal immediately upon the selection of the Pennsic autocrat. An autocrat may not be named who was not on the list or who has not been reviewed by the Æthelmearc Seneschal.

3. The Pennsic autocrat will report to the Æthelmearc Seneschal, Seneschals of the East Kingdom and Middle Kingdom, and the Crowns of the three Kingdoms on at least a monthly basis on the progress of the planning of Pennsic.

4. The Pennsic autocrat and the Seneschals of the East and the Middle recognize the legal responsibility of the Æthelmearc Seneschal in relation to Pennsic when decisions or actions are taken during the course of the event, and the Æthelmearc Seneschal is to be included in all discussions relating to such actions or decisions.

5. Given the additional responsibilities that Pennsic will impose upon the Æthelmearc Seneschal, Æthelmearc will receive from the Pennsic proceeds an amount equal to 10% of the total amount received by the East and Middle combined. The amount received by Æthelmearc will not reduce the amounts received by the Middle and the East.

In consideration, Æthelmearc shall not interfere with the operation of Pennsic subject to the above provisions including but not limited to the following provisions, which Æthelmearc agrees to:

6. Æthelmearc agrees to never pull Society Sanction on Pennsic without good and just cause.

7. Æthelmearc shall not attempt to move the location or change the dates of Pennsic.

8. Æthelmearc shall not attempt to cancel the Pennsic War.

Further, now and in the future, this resolution is binding on and lies outside of the authority of the Royalty of the three Kingdoms. The Royalty of the three Kingdoms shall not have the authority or right to void, negate, or alter this resolution.

Signed for the East Kingdom: Baroness Rhiannon the Curious
Signed for the Middle Kingdom: Duchess Lisa Delorosa
Signed for Æthelmearc: Mistress Orianna Fridrikskona

Original signed document on file with the SCA Corporate Office in Milpitas.

Æthelmearc is a Kingdom in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a non-profit educational society dedicated to the recreation of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

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