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  • SCA-AEthelmearc
  • SCA-AEthelmearc-announce
    • SCA-AEthelmearc-announce is the list where official announcements, royal decrees, etc should be posted. Posts made to this list are automatically posted to sca-aethelmearc, so it is not necesary to post messages to both. You may wish to join this list to receive important notices but not a lot of discussion.
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    • Messages: (anyone) Unofficial archive (Note this is the same as sca-aethelmearc)
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  • AE-mod
    • This is the moderated version of sca-aethelmearc.
      ae-mod removes:
      • off-topic posts
      • redundantposts (N people answer the same question; only one gets through)
      • posts that should have been sent privately (replies to queries that are not of general interest)
      • the occasional flamage (fortunately rare)
      • HTML/MIME/binary data that may get attached to messages
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Æthelmearc is a Kingdom in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a non-profit educational society dedicated to the recreation of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

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