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A Shoot in the Wildewoods
Hosted by Barony of Delftwood
August 31, 2012 5 PM - September 3, 2012 12 PM

Day Trip (1 day): Age 15 and up: $10 Youth aged 6-14: $5 Weekend (including camping): Age 15 and up: $15 Youth aged 6-14: $7 Youth 5 and under free. There is a $5.00 non-member surcharge. Site opens at 5PM Friday and everyone must be off site by 12noon Monday. There will be shooting and throwing Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There will be archery, thrown weapons, archery, a night shoot, archery and a night throw…. did we mention there will also be archery? Test your skills by trying to hit the enemy from a castle arrowslit, at night, by firelight. There will be more archery with the possibility of a walking range, royal rounds, and of course there is the chance to become Delftwood’s next Archery Champion. Come support your Barony’s champion during the Seven Pearls Archery shoot. Last but not least, help Delftwood defend against the invasion of Monsters. The youth of the Kingdom need to capture and rehabilitate the monsters. Like throwing things? There will be a night throw, royal rounds and a chance to throw to become Delftwood’s Baronial champion. Lunch, as in the past, is a pay lunch provided by the site. In past years, they have offered chicken/beef on a stick, salt potatoes, corn on the cob, venison stew, and much more. In lieu of feast, Delftwood will host a Stone Soup kitchen for any who stop by. There will be soup available as soon as the first batch is finished each day, and many varieties will be cooked up long into the night. This is food shared by a common fire, contributed to by many, and available for anyone. No one will be turned away. Please bring meat, veggies, spices, bread, cheese etc. to contribute. Monetary contributions are also accepted. We welcome help cooking, prepping, and in general, sitting around the fire and sharing in our community. Any dietary concerns can be directed to Baroness Anastasie at There is ample room for camping, and a shower is now available on site. The site is wet, but we request that you purchase any domestic beer and wine products from the site owners if available. Merchants are welcome, at no additional fee. Merchants are responsible for providing their own tables, chairs, and pavilions. Please contact Dragos Pelikanos ( to reserve your spot or if you have any questions. Event Stewards: Baroness Anastasie deLamoure mka Samantha Moore 107 Saslon Park Drive Liverpool NY 13088 315-461-0171 Dragos Pelikanos mka Chuck Burke 452 Main St. Phoenix, NY 13035 315-480-5553 Reservations: Make checks payable to: "SCA NY - Barony of Delftwood" Send payment to: SCA NY - Barony of Delftwood PO Box 6694 Syracuse, NY 13217 ** Please indicate number of adults, youth and if there are any monetary contributions for the Stone Soup. For more information:

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