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NO CURIA AT WAR PRACTICE (Event pricing round table instead)
Sorry about the late announcement.

There will not be a Kingdom Curia at War Practice. We will be setting one for later in the Reign.

Instead, in the space and time usually reserved for Curia (9am to 11am Sunday morning), there will be a discussion group/ round table to address questions and concerns about event scheduling and pricing.

Thank you,
Seneschale, Æthelmearc

New heirs!
Congratulations to our new heirs! Imperatore Destinatus of AEthelmearc Magnus Tindal and Etain ingen Dalaig

Polypropylene swords
As of March 12th, 2015 polypropylene swords are legal weapons for Rattan combat in the Kingdom of Aethelmearc with the below restrictions:

1) The polypropylene rod must be 1.25” in diameter.
2) All polypropylene swords must have the length of the blade completely wrapped in strapping tape.
3) The polypropylene must be one of the below two listed types. Any other type (such as Tecafine PP or other random co-polymer) are explicitly banned for use in combat within Aethelmearc under any circumstances. Type A: co-polymer 7823, also known as pro-fax 7823 from McMaster Carr Type B: “SCA ROD” from Brast Industries. (Brast does not have a part # for this, the “sca rod” designation identifies the rod required, as per Barry Ellison.) Brast Industrial solutions can be reached at 502-585-5171 or 800-292-2396.

My thanks to everyone who helped with the testing and tracking of the test results. Especially to Duke Malcolm MacEoghainn, my experiemental deputy for the above wording.
Tessa, KEM

There will be no Curia at Ice Dragon.
The next Kingdom Curia is tentatively scheduled for War Practice in Steltonwald
Calendar of Events
May - 2015
King Queen
Celebration of the Art of Rapier
   Shire of Heronter
King Queen Prince Princess
Spring 2015 Æthelmearc Crown Tournament
   Shire of Hartstone
Battle of Clontarf
   Barony of Endless Hills
14 - 17
King Queen Prince
Aethelmearc War Practice XXVI
   Canton of Steltonwald
22 - 24
Prince Princess
Axes, Ales, and Arrows
   Shire of Sterlynge Vayle
22 - 25
Wars of the Roses
   Kingdom of the East
Defenders of Sylvan Glen
   Shire of Sylvan Glen
Rhydderich Hael Baronial Champs 2015
   Barony of Rhydderich Hael
29 - 31
King Queen
Melee Madness
   Barony of Endless Hills
29 - 31
Thescorre Baronial Champs
   Barony of Thescorre
June - 2015
5 - 7
King Queen Prince
Myrkfaileen Summer War Practice
   Dominion of Myrkfaelinn
Brass Ring Thing
   Canton of Beau Fleuve
12 - 14
King Queen
Hornwood-Guard Inn Archery Festival III
   Shire of Hornwood
A Midsummer Night's Dream
   Canton of Steltonwald
Prince Princess
Tournament of the Windmill : World at War, Hellenistic Edition
   Barony of Delftwood
19 - 21
AEthelwald Proving Grounds II
   Shire of Sunderoak
19 - 21
A Day of Tournaments
   Shire of Port Oasis
King Queen
Lake Augusta Renaissance Festival Event & Demo
   Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais
AEcademy and War College DATE CHANGE - go to July 4, 2015 for announcement
26 - 28
King Queen Prince
Pax Interruptus XXXIX
   Barony of Thescorre
26 - 28
Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium
   Kingdom of Ealdormere
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