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Non-Resident Subjects
This notice is directed to all good gentles who consider themselves non-resident subjects of the Kingdom of Æthelmearc.

To better keep in touch with our folks who live in zip codes outside the Kingdom, we will be setting up a reference list on the Seneschalate page of the Kingdom Website. This list will include the Society names and resident Kingdoms of all our non-resident subjects.

We expect to have this list published by Coronation. Please make time to check it for accuracy. If you consider yourself a non-resident Subject of Æthelmearc and you are not on the list, please contact the Seneschale's Office immediately.

Seneschale, Æthelmearc

After January's Curia, I published a change to Kingdom Law stating:

Letters of intent must be postmarked, e- mailed, or hand-delivered to the Crown no later than the Coronation immediately prior to the Crown Tournament.

This is not correct.
Letters must be In Hand at Coronation

The correct wording for this section of Law is:

Letters of intent must be in hand: mailed, e- mailed, or hand-delivered to the Crown no later than the Coronation immediately prior to the Crown Tournament.

Thank you for patience regarding this matter.

Seneschale, Æthelmearc

Polypropylene swords
As of March 12th, 2015 polypropylene swords are legal weapons for Rattan combat in the Kingdom of Aethelmearc with the below restrictions:

1) The polypropylene rod must be 1.25” in diameter.
2) All polypropylene swords must have the length of the blade completely wrapped in strapping tape.
3) The polypropylene must be one of the below two listed types. Any other type (such as Tecafine PP or other random co-polymer) are explicitly banned for use in combat within Aethelmearc under any circumstances. Type A: co-polymer 7823, also known as pro-fax 7823 from McMaster Carr Type B: “SCA ROD” from Brast Industries. (Brast does not have a part # for this, the “sca rod” designation identifies the rod required, as per Barry Ellison.) Brast Industrial solutions can be reached at 502-585-5171 or 800-292-2396.

My thanks to everyone who helped with the testing and tracking of the test results. Especially to Duke Malcolm MacEoghainn, my experiemental deputy for the above wording.
Tessa, KEM

Curia I of Titus and Anna Leigh – Report for Curia held Janury 10, 2015 at Kingdom Twelfth Night
A. WRITTEN Officer Reports ONLY
Officer reports will be published on the Kingdom web site and other electronic venues.

B. Kingdom Budget for 2015
The Budget was presented and approved by Curia

C. Changes to Kingdom Financial Policy – second presentation.
The initial presentation of the changes to the Financial Policy was at the Curia of Tindal and Etain this past summer. We then had several months for public comment. After this second presentation at Curia, the updated Financial Policy, signed off by the Financial Committee, gets sent to the Board of Directors for ratification. This extended ratification process is in place because Kingdom Financial Policy is Society Policy and is higher in precedent than Kingdom Law.

D. Announcement of changes to Seneschal Policy:
The lead time for soliciting resumes will be moved from 6 months to 15 months before the current Seneschal steps down. The choice will be made by the Royalty seated one year prior to the change, so as to allow for an extended training time for the new Seneschal. This brings practice into line with the Exchequer’s Office.
Seneschal Policy, as all Officer Policy, is not required to go before Curia. As this is a major change to the way we currently do things, we are announcing it now and again at Curia in order to get feedback OUTSIDE Curia both in person and via email and other communication venues before a final decision is made.
Please address any comments to

E. Change to Kingdom Law:
III-600 Letters of intent must be sent to the Crown. They must include the following elements for both entrants:
• SCA names
• Legal names
• Addresses
• Telephone numbers
• E-mail addresses
• Proofs of membership
• Age (proof to be supplied at Crown Tournament)

• Proof of current authorization for Combatants

To facilitate complete letters of intent, a form is available on the Kingdom website as well as from the Crown and the Seneschal on request.
Prospective entrants are encouraged but not required to use this form to ensure a complete letter.
***Letters of intent must be postmarked, e- mailed, or hand-delivered to the Crown no later than 30 days prior to the Crown Tournament. ***
The Kingdom Seneschal shall verify eligibility as defined in the Bylaws and Corpora.

Letters of intent must be postmarked, e- mailed, or hand-delivered to the Crown no later than the Coronation immediately prior to the Crown Tournament.

There will be no Curia at Ice Dragon.
The next Kingdom Curia is tentatively scheduled for War Practice in Steltonwald
Calendar of Events
March - 2015
6 - 8
Prince Princess
Tournament of the White Hart
   Shire of Port Oasis
The Donnan Party
   Shire of Ballachlagan
A “Not So Friendly” visit?
   Shire of Wyntersett
15 - 22
King Queen
Gulf Wars
   Kingdom of Gleann Abhann
King Queen Prince Princess
The Grand Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon
   Barony of Rhydderich Hael
King Queen
The Shire of Eastwatch, Kingdom of Midrealm presents
   Kingdom of the Middle
A Kingdom for a Stage
   Barony-Marche of Debatable Lands
Defending the Gate XIV
   Kingdom of Atlantia
April - 2015
Knights and Round Tables III
   Shire of Misty Highlands
King Queen Prince Princess
Spring 2015 Æthelmearc Coronation
   Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais
King Queen
Queen's Rapier Championship
   College of Silva Vulcani
Brewing and Bacon Bash 2
   Shire of Hunter's Home
23 - 26
Blackstone Raid XIV
   Barony of Blackstone Mountain
Pen vs Sword III: Cloak and Dagger
   Shire of Angels Keep
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